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Changing Of The Guard

Suzie Ward - Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello everyone, Suzie Ward here. The boys have set me up with a blog so here's my first post, a Christmas update newsletter...

There is a change of guard happening in the Ward family as I am now ready to take over managing the Holistic Results website.  This way anyone who is looking for assistance on the site can ask a question.  I will see what their query is and then point them in the right direction if needed.   We have been getting 3 to 4 people visiting the site each week.  These people come from Australia and other countries in the world.

This will enable Andrew and David to focus on their own businesses and families.  I have reached a time where I am now stronger and am capable of helping in some way those that may want to do training, or just be put in touch with someone that can help with a query they have. 

My Trip Overseas

At the end of June, was a great success and there were many highlights that made it both interesting and fun.  Smiling and laughing again was the order of the trip and meeting up with old friends and sometimes even older friends.  4th July saw me in Colorado with the Lathrop sisters in their Ghost Town near La Vita, which was certainly a highlight and I scattered some of Bruce’s ashes under the Up Top trees where we had a wonderful picnic some years ago.  He loved the high country of America and I know he will be well looked after up in the mountains amongst the Aspen trees.   Then onto Bolder with the Howell family to see the Savory Institute Headquarters and see something of the wonderful university city of Bolder, which has some beautiful architecture and is a grand city to be in with Dan, Jim, Savi and Mia.

I then headed for London where unfortunately I had to visit several of London’s hospitals as I had managed to get a thrombosis on my travels, despite the fact that I had the stockings on that one wears on OS trips and where I was religiously doing my leg exercises.  Anyway after being rejected by 2 hospitals, St Marys at Paddington treated me and I left with 6 weeks supply of injections, which I had to administer to myself.  Not a good learning curve for me, as I cannot bare to see an injection let alone give it to myself.  I learnt quickly.  Fortunately my friend Susie (neighbour in Bowral) was visiting her daughter and family in London and they very kindly introduced me to their doctor who did confirm that I was on the right track and to ‘just give myself the injections’ and I would be AOK.  So thank goodness for friends and family. 

London I found rather daunting as I had not been there since 1985 and it had changed somewhat as had my memories, so after resting and getting my leg in order I started doing some country trips, by train as I could move about in the train more easily and did not feel I was putting undue pressure on the leg.  Hmmmm a bummer as I missed out on a very special trip to Germany that I had arranged with some good friends whose family have a vineyard near Trier.  I was to join them and some other family friends; it was so disappointing not to be able to experience this part of my planned trip.  However, a trip to Frodsham, near Chester and another to Essex to see family and then down to Cornwall to see other family connections were great highlights and I loved catching up with cousins and friends.  Another highlight was seeing Les Miserable’s with my darling Jemma and also going to the National Theatre to see the recently released play called Great Britain.  I was not alone in enjoying that very current play.

The conference in London was a great highlight. I was really overwhelmed by Allan’s acknowledgement of Bruce’s work and it was wonderful to have Andrew there with me.

Daniella Howell and her team from the Savory Institute did not disappoint in putting together an amazing group of speakers who gave inspiring talks to all present, many had come from different countries in the world and I was so thrilled to see so many young ones there.  Very encouraging.  It was an inspirational couple of days and I loved every speech. 

Tony Lovell, gave a fantastic address and description of the work that he and his team at SLM are doing in Queensland.  It was a great pleasure to see the video of the Project in action, particularly the cattle, the donkeys and the camels in one mod together.  Tony has done a stirling job and it is such a comfort to know that David is working so closely with Tony in this huge Project.  I just hope they are getting some of the ‘much needed’ rain in the north.

The next part of the trip was exceptional... 

I met up with my neighbour Susie from Bowral and we travelled home via Zimbabwe and Botswana.   We were graciously hosted by Andy and Steph Walton, the manager at Dimbangombie, the Centre for Holistic Management at Victoria Falls, and the two Susie’s had a wonderful inspirational week where we laughed and cried and spent time with Allan and Jody and many of the new hub groups, (they had come from the different countries around the world) to do some training with the ACHM team and Tre Cates of the Savory Institute.  A memorable week, where we met with the village elders, to see the changes, which they have made to their land, the river and their animals in the village.  Their vegie garden was amazing, where often 3 generations of a family were working together, was just awe inspiring.  Susie and I were thrilled to see the pride in their achievements.

I spread the remainder of Bruce’s ashes under one of the beautiful trees where we had camped some years previously.  So our darling Bruce is now scattered to the winds around the world and under beautiful trees.  I feel he would be happy with my choices.

After this amazing week with Andy and Steph, where each morning we had been greeted by Dojewa (the pet elephant, aged 13) to be fed and loved, we then did trips over Dimbangombie to see the animals and the changes they are making to the land and the river and the people involved.  We had a very happy time with the team on farm and the hub groups before we ventured on our way to a game park in Botswana on the Chobe River.  The animals we saw at such close contact were so beautiful and we could thoroughly recommend our accommodation, food and entertainment.  It was brilliant.  We had several wonderful days and nights at this Lodge before wending our way home.  Home was good and my Gus gave me a wonderful welcome home.

I am now putting my time and much of my energy into the garden, Mah-jong, Bridge and working with a special group of people in Rare Cancer’s Australia to bring about awareness and funding for them. 

I also have a great interest in finding some funding for a project in one of the villages in Victoria Falls where they, need some dollars to put young ones through senior schooling.  It would appear that once a boy reaches 14 they have to find money to pay for their education.  My thinking is that we need to find monies for boys and girls to get senior school education.   My thinking is that if we can raise some monies with a school in Australia we can put a herd of goats together as some sustainable funding.  We are at the ‘how can we do this’ with the ACHM in Vic Falls.  So early days, but it has to start somewhere Anyway it is in the planning stages at present and I will keep you all posted in case you feel the desire to help in some way.

News On The Home Front

David is working very closely with Tony Lovell and the SLM project, which along with the rest of Queensland will look forward some much wanted rain.  As I write this David is in Qld with all the staff doing some replanning as one does when the dry gets drier.  David and his family continue to live in Dubbo.  Camilla is very busy with her amazing Creative Voice studio and working with the Dubbo Conservatorium, producing musicals and holding wonderful workshops for the young ones in the district.  Olivia now 8 is learning to play tennis, violin, piano and has just been one of the many great stars in the Midwifes Crisis put on by the Conservatorium in Dubbo a wonderful play with lots of fun and laughter.  Lucas aged 5 is learning to swim, play tennis, ride a bike and generally be the rough and tumble a 5 year needs to be.  He is also a star card player.  Great memory.

Andrew has been busy too. I know he has written to many telling all of the great saga of his “HAIR CUT to make money for Rare Cancer Australia”, or RARE CUT as he's calling it. Well it has reached another point. When I started to write these blog posts the hair was to go a few weeks ago.  Well many of you would have become aware that only HALF THE HAIR went.  The other half will go after another 20 days of raising more funds.  I was both thrilled, shocked surprised and stunned at this stunt.  He is now wearing T shirts with the story on, telling people what he is doing, so if he can do it, I can certainly put up with his weird look for the next 20 days or so.  I am actually a very proud mum.  

A big star has to go to Sally and Daisy and Kingsley for being party to this extraordinary event.  Sally is a great star and has been busy doing some training to add to her psychology training, which will enable her to interpret some new work that is being done on the brain to help people with mental problems.  This new work is fantastic and she has embraced it and is busy working with her peers on how to help many who are suffering.  Daisy aged 4 is at preschool 2 days a week and is enjoying her friends and being a wonderful big sister to Kingsley who just adores Daisy and will do and wear anything that she does.  So to see Kingsley in a Tutu is not an unusual sight.  Dressing up is the best fun. 

So all told my family are all well and happy and we are all going to be together with extended family at a beach house in North Avoca for Christmas week. 

I would also like to thank you all for your support to me and the family over the last few years and also for the very generous contributions many have made to Andrew's appeal for Rare Cancers Australia.  He has made me smile again.  The photo attached is testament to what was achieved.  A huge surprise to me.  David and Andrew never cease to surprise me, but make me a very proud mum and I know Bruce would approve of all that they do and are doing.

- Suzie

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